RampAttak Parties

RampAttak is a great place to celebrate.  Give us call or fill out the contact form below and we can reserve you a table to have your party any time*.  You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks.  There is no extra costs, just what it costs for those who ride the park which is $16.  Bring 10 or more and get a discounted rate of $14 for the riders and we'll give the person celebrating a RampAttak gift.


*There is a limit to the number of parties we can hold per session.

Private Hire

Looking for something bigger, RampAttak is available for private hire.  The cost to hire RampAttak privately is $750 per session.  Sessions available for private hire are the 3pm-5.30pm and 6pm-8.30pm sessions.  Give us a call (07 3132 8660) or fill out the contact form for more information.