Complete scooters from entry level to professional! 


  • Indoor Riding Facility

    Our long term goal is to add to the overall growth of every action sport comunity within Australia.


    Our Indoor Skatepark is still under conscruction, but we have saved the best for last. The new section that is currently being built will level up the riding of all riders of all action sports.

    Indoor Skatepark 
  • What We're Doing Now.

    We aim to host events, support riders and provide the community with a quality pro shop service.


    In addition, we are always aiming to achieve a standard of indoor skatepark quality, that is accepted and loved by all riders. If you have any feedback about the park or shop don't be afraid to recommend us your ideas!

    Tell Us 
  • How Scootering will Evolve

    Our goal is to provide the riders of Australia, with a park that removes the only limit being the ramps that are ridden.


    We aim to remove any boundaries placed in the way of riders and their progession. Your support helps our mission. If you or any friends need any parts we urge you to check our website :)

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