RampAttak Setup Page - Waiver

Getting started we have two small requirements we need sorted to get you shredding like a menace! 
First one is the WAIVER FORM < Click there 
Second one, is bring CLOSED IN SHOES! 
Your safety is our top priority, and this helps us ensure that you are aware of the risks involved (Action Sports are hectic at times) and that you agree to abide by our safety guidelines to keep you as safe as possible and having a blast!
Once you got those sorted, there is NO BOOKING REQUIRED just come to the start of one of our sessions to make use of your whole time! Can't Wait!
When are the session times?
Click below to find out. 
If you don't have something to ride, do not fear. We have Scooter, Skateboard and Helmet Hire all for just $5.00 a day. So first timers, we have got you covered!