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Envy Prodigy X Complete Scooter Street Edition | GREY

Envy Prodigy X Complete Scooter Street Edition | GREY

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The Envy Prodigy X Street Edition Complete Scooter has undergone a total transformation, featuring a cutting-edge 5.5" wide deck that is now lighter than any previous Prodigy model. This street-savvy scooter is meticulously designed for the new-age hybrid street rider, combining style and substance in one sleek package. Whether you're cruising your local street spots or conquering skateparks, the Prodigy X Street Edition is your ticket to the ultimate riding experience, setting a new standard for performance and innovation.

Extech Extrusion - lower profile, wider internal walls , boxier construction featuring a high responsive concave making the overall deck lighter & stronger.

PX Headtube - 83.5 degrees, streamlined profile with Envy diamond cutout.

Prodigy X Specs: 

  • Deck: 5.5” x 21”
  • Bars: Fully Buttered T 620mm
  • Forks: Diamond SCS
  • Wheels: Sector 120mm x 26mm Wheels
  • Clamp: Essential SCS
  • Brake: Nylon Flex
  • HT Angle: 83.5 degrees
  • Headset: Low stack integrated
  • Total weight: 3.585kg
  • Overall height: 900mm
  • Total length: 735mm
  • Foot space: 385mm
  • Colour: Grey
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