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Envy KOS S6 Soul

Envy KOS S6 Soul

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The Envy KOS S6 Soul Complete Scooter is designed for the street and comes equipped with aftermarket level parts.


You’ll be rolling on 120mm x 26mm 86A clear PU Hollow core wheels. You can choose to run 24, 28 or 30mm core wheels when using a spacer pack. It comes with a set of Declare Forks V2 and a 2 bolt forged over sized clamp. The bars are an oversized chromoly soul bar with 160mm TPR black grips. It has a larger deck than the series 5 coming in at 4.9″ x 20.5″. The base has a KOS Soul graphic running he length of the deck.


The colourway on the Envy KOS S6 Soul Complete Scooter is black with accents. The deck, clamps are grips are black. The forks and bars have a chromoly finish, and the wheels have clear PU. The graphics on the underside have splashes of red, white and gold.

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