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I-Glide Trampoline Scooter v2.0 Black

I-Glide Trampoline Scooter v2.0 Black

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The i-Glide trampoline scooter is so much more than just a standard trampoline scooter!

With this scooter you can:

  • Use on a trampoline or on any flat ground (including grass)
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Interchange the bars with bars from your own scooter (will fit any aluminium bar)
  • Practice your scooter tricks without hurting your ankles
  • Learn a whole bunch of new tricks that are simply not possible on a regular scooter

The i-Glide trampoline scooter has many unique features that you won't find on any other trampoline scooter

  • The very BEST QUALITY high-grade foam board, that is flexible and durable. We tested this foam board with pro riders for 12 months before being satisfied of its quality and durability.
  • The SAFEST trampoline scooter on the market, with a full foam-covered top bar to help prevent head and chest injuries, and an enclosed bottom cap to protect your feet from cuts and scratches.
  • An ingenious design that allows you to easily swap the bars for your own bars and clamp in less than a minute. This is great for practicing your flat tricks with your regular scooter bars.
  • The SMOOTHEST spin mechanism, which allows you to perform multiple spins and whips in one trick.

The i-Glide trampoline scooter is safe to use indoors, with the furniture-friendly foam board guaranteed not to damage your furniture or floors.

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